AIM_size_designation Medium Museum (20,000 to 50,000 visitors p.a.)
AIM_size_source mm.aim.1043
Accreditation Accredited
Accreditation_source mm.mald.047
Address_line_1 University of Wales Swansea
Address_line_2 Singleton Park
Admin_hierarchy /Wales/Swansea (Welsh UA)
DOMUS_identifier 6836
Deprivation_index 9
Deprivation_index_crime 6
Deprivation_index_education 9
Deprivation_index_employment 10
Deprivation_index_health 3
Deprivation_index_housing 8
Deprivation_index_income 10
Deprivation_index_services 7
Geodemographic_group Services Manufacturing and Mining Legacy
Geodemographic_group_code 6ar
Geodemographic_group_name_long 6ar-Services Manufacturing and Mining Legacy
Geodemographic_subgroup Service Economy
Geodemographic_subgroup_code 6a3r
Geodemographic_subgroup_name_long 6a3r-Service Economy
Geodemographic_supergroup Services and Industrial Legacy
Geodemographic_supergroup_code 6r
Geodemographic_supergroup_name_long 6r-Services and Industrial Legacy
Governance University
Identifier_used_in_source_database WA000100
Latitude 51.609622
Longitude -3.980649
Name_of_museum Egypt Centre
Notes The museums collection was originally established as the Wellcome Museum and opened to the public in 1976. However, it appears that the museum was underutilised and had a low public profile. The museum was effectively re-founded in 1998 as the Egypt Centre with a new building and a renewed committment to outreach and access.
Notes_internal MALD staff number as FTE actually 6.5 but integers not allowed
Postcode SA2 8PP
Primary_provenance_of_data domus
Region_country Wales
Size medium
Size_prov ma(fam)
Subject_Matter Archaeology-Greek_and_Egyptian
Town_or_City Swansea
Visitor_Numbers_Data 0:21479:2008:MA(fam)
Year_closed 9999:9999
Year_opened 1976:1976
media 0
project_id mm.domus.WA100