Accreditation Unaccredited
Address_line_1 3 East Park Road
Admin_hierarchy /England/North East (English Region)/North East (English CA)/Gateshead (English District or Borough)
Deprivation_index 4
Deprivation_index_crime 3
Deprivation_index_education 4
Deprivation_index_employment 3
Deprivation_index_health 3
Deprivation_index_housing 8
Deprivation_index_income 4
Deprivation_index_services 6
Geodemographic_group Services Manufacturing and Mining Legacy
Geodemographic_group_code 6ar
Geodemographic_group_name_long 6ar-Services Manufacturing and Mining Legacy
Geodemographic_subgroup Service Economy
Geodemographic_subgroup_code 6a3r
Geodemographic_subgroup_name_long 6a3r-Service Economy
Geodemographic_supergroup Services and Industrial Legacy
Geodemographic_supergroup_code 6r
Geodemographic_supergroup_name_long 6r-Services and Industrial Legacy
Governance Government-Local_Authority
Latitude 54.941682
Longitude -1.603123
Name_of_museum Saltwell Park Museum
Notes Tyne and Wear Museums have these collections, some of which are on display at Shipley Art Gallery.
Postcode NE9 5AX
Primary_provenance_of_data MusCal
Region_country North East
Size unknown
Size_prov unknown
Subject_Matter Mixed-Encyclopaedic
Town_or_City Gateshead
Year_closed 1969:1969
Year_opened 1933:1933
media 0
project_id mm.Mus70Cal.008