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The Cold War Operations Room, photograph with kind permission of the RAF Air Defence Radar Museum


The project’s research team has gathered, cleansed, and codified data relating to over 4000 UK museums - almost double the number of museums covered in any previous survey. It covers the period from 1960 to date. The challenges we faced and the processes we adopted to collect, integrate, and cleanse the data are described in our publications

The following files are available for download, which capture the status of the Mapping Museums database at the formal end of the project in September 2021:

A Glossary explaining the terms used within these files can be accessed here.

License: The above data is free to use under the terms of the Creative Commons (BY) license. This allows users to copy, distribute, remix, and build upon the research, so long the Mapping Museums team is credited with its original creation.

Please use the following citation if you do download the data: Data downloaded from the Mapping Museums website at www.mappingmuseums.org, Accessed on (date).

Also, we would be very interested to know how you are using, or planning to use, this data. Please use the Get in Touch link to tell us about your work.