ACE_size_designation Independent - type two
ACE_size_source mm.ace.728
Accreditation Accredited
Accreditation_source mm.ace.728
Address_line_1 Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet
Address_line_2 Abbeydale Road South
Admin_hierarchy /England/Yorkshire and The Humber (English Region)/Sheffield City Region (English CA)/Sheffield (English District or Borough)
DOMUS_Subject_Matter science and industry
DOMUS_identifier 1410
Deprivation_index 10
Deprivation_index_crime 9
Deprivation_index_education 10
Deprivation_index_employment 10
Deprivation_index_health 8
Deprivation_index_housing 7
Deprivation_index_income 9
Deprivation_index_services 5
Geodemographic_group Larger Towns and Cities
Geodemographic_group_code 2ar
Geodemographic_group_name_long 2ar-Larger Towns and Cities
Geodemographic_subgroup Larger Towns and Cities
Geodemographic_subgroup_code 2a1r
Geodemographic_subgroup_name_long 2a1r-Larger Towns and Cities
Geodemographic_supergroup Business Education and Heritage Centres
Geodemographic_supergroup_code 2r
Geodemographic_supergroup_name_long 2r-Business Education and Heritage Centres
Governance Government-Local_Authority
Identifier_used_in_source_database YH000023
Latitude 53.334627
Longitude -1.511178
Name_of_museum Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet
Notes Hybrid (Devolved 1995 - Operated by Sheffield Industrial Museums Trust. Sheffield City Council retains ownership and provides some funding). Sheffield Industrial Museums Trust will merge with Museums Sheffield in April 2021.
Postcode S7 2QW
Primary_provenance_of_data domus
Region_country Yorkshire and The Humber
Size medium
Size_prov domus
Subject_Matter Industry_and_manufacture-Industrial_life
Town_or_City Sheffield
Visitor_Numbers_Data 0:11765:2015:MA(fam)
Year_closed 9999:9999
Year_opened 1970:1970
media 0
project_id mm.domus.YH023