Accreditation Unaccredited
Admin_hierarchy /Scotland/Midlothian (Scottish Council Area)
Deprivation_index 7
Deprivation_index_crime 4
Deprivation_index_education 8
Deprivation_index_employment 8
Deprivation_index_health 8
Deprivation_index_housing 8
Deprivation_index_income 9
Deprivation_index_services 1
Geodemographic_group Scottish Industrial Heritage
Geodemographic_group_code 6br
Geodemographic_group_name_long 6br-Scottish Industrial Heritage
Geodemographic_subgroup Scottish Industrial Legacy
Geodemographic_subgroup_code 6b1r
Geodemographic_subgroup_name_long 6b1r-Scottish Industrial Legacy
Geodemographic_supergroup Services and Industrial Legacy
Geodemographic_supergroup_code 6r
Geodemographic_supergroup_name_long 6r-Services and Industrial Legacy
Governance Independent-Private
Latitude 55.824237
Longitude -3.07067
Name_of_museum Arniston House
Notes Contact noted 'We have no record of when the House opened to the public but the general consensus was it is 1985' (mm249). As such this figure has been used for year open.
Postcode EH23 4RY
Primary_provenance_of_data hha
Region_country Scotland
Size small
Size_prov mm_prediction_random_forest
Subject_Matter Buildings-Houses-Large_houses
Town_or_City Gorebridge
Year_closed 9999:9999
Year_opened 1985:1985
Year_opened_source mm249
media 0
project_id mm.hha.158