Accreditation Unaccredited
Accreditation_source mm.mald.062
Address_line_1 Coleg Trefeca
Address_line_2 College Lane
Address_line_3 Trefeca
Admin_hierarchy /Wales/Powys (Welsh UA)
Deprivation_index 7
Deprivation_index_crime 7
Deprivation_index_education 7
Deprivation_index_employment 8
Deprivation_index_health 6
Deprivation_index_housing 7
Deprivation_index_income 8
Deprivation_index_services 2
Geodemographic_group English and Welsh Countryside
Geodemographic_group_code 3ar
Geodemographic_group_name_long 3ar-English and Welsh Countryside
Geodemographic_subgroup Sparse English and Welsh Countryside
Geodemographic_subgroup_code 3a2r
Geodemographic_subgroup_name_long 3a2r-Sparse English and Welsh Countryside
Geodemographic_supergroup Countryside Living
Geodemographic_supergroup_code 3r
Geodemographic_supergroup_name_long 3r-Countryside Living
Governance Independent-Not_for_profit
Latitude 51.980711
Longitude -3.247953
Name_of_museum Howell Harris Museum
Notes Contact noted from guidebook that 'The original museum was set up in the vestry of the Howell Harris Memorial Chapel by the late Mrs Olwen Davies, Trefeca, in 1957. A permanent display was erected with the assistance of the Council of Museums in Wales in 1972' (mm256)
Notes_internal Listed as Trust or Foundation as Church is exempted charity
Postcode LD3 0PP
Primary_provenance_of_data mald
Region_country Wales
Size small
Size_prov mm_prediction_random_forest
Subject_Matter Personality-Religious
Town_or_City Brecon
Year_closed 9999:9999
Year_opened 1972:1972
Year_opened_source mm256
media 0
project_id mm.mald.062